HPA1 (H-80)
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HPA1 (H-80)
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货号: sc-25825
抗体英文名: HPA1 (H-80)
宿主: 兔子
数量: 大量
抗原来源: 兔子
供应商: Santa Cruz
规格: 200ug/ml

HPA1 Anticuerpo(H-80): sc-25825

| Ficha Técnica

(Based on data analysis)

  • HPA1 Antibody (H-80) is a rabbit polyclonal IgG provided at 200 µg/ml
  • epitope corresponding to amino acids 101-180 mapping within an internal region of heparanase 1 of human origin
  • recommended for detection of heparanase 1 of human origin by WB, IP, IF, IHC(P) and ELISA; also reactive with additional species, including equine and bovine
  • See 5 citations for HPA1Anticuerpo (H-80)
Full-length HPA1 protein sequence with immunogen highlighted:


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